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Laser Welding

With the purchase of 3D laser, we can include laser welding in our offer.

Laser welding consists of melting the area where the objects to be connected touch, through the heat from focused beam of coherent light with a very high power density. Such beams ensure that the welding heat input is at the minimum level of energy required for melting, and the heat affected zone and the melt zone is very narrow. Such welding technology ensures that the deformation is so small, that the products are made "ready to use", and the welding does not require additional machining.

Laser welding in our facility is done using a 5-axis laser Trumph 7040 TruLaserCell, 4 kW of power. The workspace is 2000 x 4000 x 750 mm. The machine ensures gas-shielded welding using argon and helium, and the depth of penetration is about 7 mm.

Laser welding is the newest technology of joining materials, and its advantage lies primarily in:

  • narrow heat-affected zone, which minimizes the distortion of the material,
  • high precision ensuring aesthetic finishing,
  • high speed and cleanliness of the process,
  • welding without additional material,
  • flexibility in the location of the weld - possibility to weld in any position.

Laser welding is recommended especially for welding aluminum and stainless steel, and difficult- to- weld materials. In addition, this technology increases efficiency through automation, which in return reduces the cost of production.